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Barbara (Van Arsdale) Gallagher
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The Final Phase - Let's Go!

Retirement Redirected
It's a hodge podge now, but I'll clean it up after I get the initial message out.

Kidney Cancer - A New Adventure
Radical Nephrectomy in November 2017
CT Scan - All Clear - Jul 2019
CT Scan - Issues in January 2020
Last Update - January 2020
Retirement Planning      Target for launch is March 1st. This site will include suggestions and links related to planning for Retirement. This will be primarily a financial guide, tools and approaches for figuring out where you are now, and what you need to consider to get to where you want to be. It will include an approach to understanding what it really costs you to live in your current life style, determining what it will cost to live the way you want to in retirement, and how to organize, evaluate and manage that data and associated plan. If it's not defined, you leave no help for those you leave behind.
Health Planning in Retirement
Medicare Explanations, Valuable Links, and Considerations
Last Upate 11/13/19

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Jeffrey Jividen 2015 Baseball
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Ashley Gallagher 2015 Lake Burton
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