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Cancer Discussion Group - Knowledge Share    Last Update June 2019

A Study Group is now being formed in the Braselton - Buford, Georgia area.

      This site is being developed to include information about Cancer, to provide an educational base to the knowledge about the disease and it's management. The information added to the site will be designed to enable the new cancer impacted person (patient, family member, care giver) to systematically review the most important information to start, and then continue their education in the area, without overwhelming the participant with all the information needed to understand the subject in great detail. As more information is needed, and the member becomes ready to consume it, it will be ready in small, sequential, digestable chunks. This site will not provide medical guidance or suggestions. We will organize the information already published, fully sourced and identified, yet pulled apart and re-organized into an effective library. The role of the Active Members will be to read the material and decompose it into significant chunks, or to take those chunks and spread them into this Knowledge Library. Anyone that is willing to spend the time to do the research and summarize it at an event\transaction level, or willing to assist in the update and maintenance of the site can add support. Meetings will held routinely to discuss new findings, update potential research sources, meet new members and discuss the latest information on Treatment and Trials. If you're interested in actively participating, please drop me a note at with a brief introduction as to your background, interest, location and availability for meetings. If you are interested in attending the meetings and using the site to keep up with the various topics, watch this site for information as this project gets off the ground.

      This Home page will include organizational information related to the group, it's mission, objective, and the Knowlege Framework, to assist Navigational understanding. Each of the Sections will be organized based on a consistent Knowledge Framework, as outlined below. The first three sections will be "Cancer - The Disease", "Immunology" and "Kidney Cancer" . As members engage and want to focus on different Cancer Types or areas, then new sections will be added for their communications (i.e. Radiation, ChemoTherapy, 'Organ' Cancer...). The goal of the Discussion Group is to continuously elaborate and update this shared set of knowledge.

Sections Available Cancer - The Disease: NOT YET Immunology Kidney Cancer - NOT YET

Knowledge Framework
HISTORY       The History section will be a chronological record of the elements of the topic, of the significant discoveries and developments related to this section. This is the primary driver of the entire Knowledge Framework. The most effective educatonal proccesses evolve around the organization of information to promote the understanding of the relationships between the various elements. This is certainly critical in the complexity of understanding cancer. Each entry will be 1-3 paragraphs that include the Contibutors, the place, the date, and a summary of the significant event. [Significant to understanding the broader subject by the reader, or contribution to the treatment of the disease]. Each will include a source reference with page numbers for validation or elaboration.
      A constant vigil will be to remember the Objective: Create a readable, digestable, incremental communication of the significant facts and events so that the reader can understand and relate it to their situation. We are not trying to retell or summarize the story told in the source document or publication. Our objective is to pull out those elements that help explain and undertand the current state of knowledge about this disease. Each new major contributor will be added to a Contributors Index, alphabetically organized, with whatever information is relevant to understand the person, history and their story. Each new entry into the History attributable to the same contributor should be duely noted in their Contributor profile. Each new technical term introduced in a Historical element will be added to the "Dictionary". Each new Element will be inserted in the History based on it's chronological occurrence to build the story about "How we got to where we are".
REFERENCE       The Reference page of each Section will include three listings to support your continued research. The first will be a list of WEB SITES (with links) for additional information, with a brief explanation as to what information is addressed, and what is the value that it contributes to the understanding. Hopefully you will find that these referenced sites will be more understandable and useful after you have reviewed the information on this site because of it's organization and objective: To help you get to a knowledgeable base of information about the disease as quickly, and efficiently as possible.
        The next listing is of VIDEOS of presentations, and documentaries, with a brief description of the content. Some of these will have links to the presentation (YouTube) and others will be Documentaries, primarily available on Netflix. Keep in mind that links in the WebSites listing (i.e. Hippocrates Institute) will include many additional videos of presentations. Links to specific, significant presentations from those sites may be included here.
        The final listing will be RECOMMENDED READING. This listing will include the recommended 3 or 4 books that are the easiest to read and understand without any prior knowledge, and provide a significant perspective on the particular section (Cancer Type or Area). If you are new to cancer, or this particular topic, you should start with the first listed book. As you increase your undestanding by reading that selection and reviewing the helpful websites and other information on this site, you can progress through the rest of the list. The Sources section will include these recommendations, as well as other more technical and complex publications utilized to gather the information within this site. After reading these recommended books, if you find another that is easier to read and understand, please let us know, particularly if it is not included in the Source Reference list.
TRIALS       The Trials section will include information about Trials. The objective is to add them when they are announced, explain them as they start recruiting, report on them as they progress to the extent we can, and report their results. The objective is to provide the information available to help patients decide if, and when, they might want to participate in a trial based on their current condition and situation. If you discover other TRIALS information related to a listed section, that you think would helpful, please let us know.
DICTIONARY       The Dictionary will include all the technical terms that surface in the History narratives. These will be based on the information available through the Source Reference, but may be elaborated based on additional research, which will be clearly identified as to source as well. The goal is to insure that the information to understand the progress and events that have occurred, are included in the History elements, and are easily available. Keep in mind we are patients, family, friends and other interested parties, probably not doctors. If you can provide additional information about a term that would facilitate it's understanding to this group, please let us know.
CONTRIBUTORS       The Contributors section will be an alphabetical listing of all the people responsible for (not necessarily contributing to) the sourced infomation within the History Chronology. If they made a discovery significant enough to be included, they will be listed here. As many of these doctors, scientist and researchers will be working in different areas during their career, this will be a site level directory (vs. sectional). While there discovery will be defined in the History narrative, their personal history, to the extent it is known, would be included in this Contributors section. Information about their country of origin, education, organizational associations, etc will be included here, if provided in the source records for the element added to the History section. If you have additional information about a Contributor that can be validated through a published record, please let us know.
SOURCES      The Sources section will include at least one source from each History element to identify the specific publication (or site) from which the information was taken. To avoid confusion, this section will be a site wide listing (vs. Type or area) and will be a footnote type entry. Each History element will include the Source Reference Number and the specific page number (s) containing the represented information.

Corrections, questions, suggestions, problems or recommendations are always welcome. Please email or call 678-848-1830.