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Immunology References    Last Update: June 2019 - in Development - 20 pages of notes from the original 9 sources wait to be added and integrated with to the History, Contributors, Dictionary and this References section. After stopping to develop this website, I'm afraid I'll have to re-read each of the sources to gather the details I need to Update the site, so it will take several weeks. When I complete the update I will remove this message and be back on the research and discussion group establishment missions

      This Section (webpage) will include a list of Recommended Books to start the learning process for specifically, Immunology and Immunotherapy. These selections are based on my own reading in order to build this site, and my understanding, about this approach for the treatment of Cancer. How this knowledge and approach relate specifically to Kidney and Melanoma cancer are my primary focus. However, after the first 5 books, I find the Immonolgy approach and progress is very wound up around not only different Types of Cancer, but also Immune diseases as well. That will result in many of the narratives contained in this section, not beong related directly to two diseases I am most interested in, but are critical to the understanding of how the approach works and what it is based on. This takes us back to the site questions of "How did we get to where we are" and "Where are with this approach".
       It will also include a list of, and link to, video presentations and discussions related to Immunology and Immunotherapy. In addition, a list of other websites that might be useful to anyone searching for more detailed or specific information about the topic will be included. Any links or videos related to Clinical Trials will be included in the Trials Section, and not duplicated in this listing. See the Knowledge Framework for more details on the Objectives and Navigation of this site.

Books to Read First

The Breakthrough: Immunothapy and the Race to Cure Cancer by Charles Graeber. Published in 2018 by Twelve Hatchet Book Group ISBN 978-455568505. This book covers the history of Immunology from the 1890s and the earliest recorded case of a spontaneos cure in a cancer patient though the Trials in the works in 2018.

A Cure Within: Scientists Unleashing the Immune System to Kill Cancer" by Neil Canavan. Published in 2018 by Cold Spring Laboratory Press ISBN 978-1621833172. An excellent starting point to meet 25 primary players in the Immunology field. Each chapter introduces you to a key figure who has solved one or more of the puzzle pieces about the Immune system. You get a real sense of what it's like to work in a lab, surrounded by failures, with occassional extremely rewarding resolution to the pending questions.

The Transformed Cell: Unlocking the Mysteries of Cancer by Steven A. Rosenberg Published in 1992 by Putnam ISBN 978-0380721153. A great history of Steven's 30+ years at the National Cancer Institute and the focus on Immunology Research.

Video Presentations & Discussions

2017 National Patient, Survivor, and Caregiver Conference    April 15, 2017 at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, TX . Videos are available.

Related and Useful Websites

Kidney Cancer Association    This organization hosts Kidney Cancer Patient & Survivor Conferences around the country. Scroll down and select See All Videos . Vidoe sessions are avalable from four 2017 conferences: Chapel Hill in December; Stanford in October; Fred Hutchinson in July and M.D. Anderson in April. Each includes sessions on Surgical Considerations, Current Adjuvant Treatments, Trials, Panel discussions and others. These vidoes will provide an opportunity to understand the terminology, treatments, considerations and trends in the treatment of Kidney Cancer for the new patient.

Kidney Cancer.TV    This site, by the Kidney Cancer Association, includes the educational session videos from the various Patient, Care-Giver and Survivor seminars held around the country. The videos can also be viewed on YouTube, most effectively searched based on the speakers name.

Keynote Clinical Trials   This index includes links to active clinical trials for each cancer type.

Clinical    This site is an index to all of the trials in the US. It is searchable by type, location, state, status, and many other elements. Each includes a Study Detail that defines the objecives of, eligibility requirements, and for many Completed Trials, they reflect the Study Results.

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