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2019 Cooperstown, Labor Day Lake Burton
2018 Lake Powell & Burton; Maine
2017 Carnival Caribbean; Lake Burton
2016 John Jividen Passes; Hawai
2015 Carnival Caribbean; Lake Burton
2014 Disney Cruise
2013 Charles & Etta Leave
2012 Lake Burton; + Lacrosse & Baseball
2011 Pending Processing
2010 Pending Poccessing
2009 Soccer is Discovered
2008 Best Pictures
2007 Best Pictures
2006 Phoenix
2005 Still in Album
2004 Still in Album
2003 Still in Album
2002 Penssylvaniz Trip
2001 Still in the Album
2000 Still in the Album
1999 Both Kids get Married
1998 Palm Springs
1997 Colorado River; Park City
1996 Best Pictures
1995 Still in the Album
1994 Stowe; UGA Graduation
1993 PA Trip; Poland
1992 PA Log Home
1991 Best Pictures
1990 Elk River; NJ Trip
1989 Jamaica
1988 Hurricane Deckboat
1987 Granny Leaves; Elk River
1986 NJ Visit;
1985 Elk River; N. GA Camping
1984 Disney Cruise, 1950 Pickup
1983 Elk River; DisneyWorld
1982 Pontoon Boat on Lanier
1981 Elk River; DisneyWorld
1980 Elk River, AL
1979 Move to Georgia
1978 Best Pictures
1977 Lake George, NY
1976 Best Pictures
1975 First House; Daniel Arrives
1974 Best Pictures
1973 Best Pictures
1972 Laura Christy Arrives
1971 Best Pictures
1970 The Family Created
Pre 1970 Archives; US Navy * *

2019 Best Pictures    

January Concert

The Band Plays On

Hull Middle School Band Concert

Spring Flowers at Gibbs Garden

Yellow Creek Road

Ball Ground, Georgia

Whole Food, Plant Based

A Perfect Combination

Spring Arrives in Georgia

Easter Sunday

Egg Hunting Rules Reviewed

The Search Begins

The Elders Meeting

Another Great Easter in Cumming

We'll have to do this again!

Kylie's Spring UFA U14 Red Team

Zach May Band Concert
Attack of the Slide Trombones

Zach December Band Concert

Dinner at Mari's - Ethan & Zach

May 12, 2019 Danny & Kylie

Dinner at Mari's - Tyler & Kylie

Dinner at Mari's - Zachary

June 9th - Danny's Birthday

June 21st - Grandma's Birthday

September Soccer

1996 Chaparral Sunesta - August Test Ride

Had to Have It !

September on Lanier too; It's for the kids!?
International Baseball @ Cooperstown,   New York        More Cooperstown Baseball

July 1st Game 4 - Double Win 11-5

July 2nd - Game 5 - Loss 11-7

July 2nd - Game 6 - Loss 17-5

July 3rd Game 7 Zach Pitches
Labor Day Weekend at Lake Burton

Labor Day Cruisin' Lake Burton Again !

The Weekend AirBNB is Awesome !

Our Favorite Lake

Tyler Kayaks the Canal

Pontoon from Anchorage Marina - Perfect

Kylie & Zach Resting for What's Next

What's Next ? Tubing !

Let the Action Begin !

Next Up - Ethan & Tyler

After Action Activity

Lunch at La Prade - Excellent !

It can Fly ?!?!
Thanksgiving, November 28, 2019 - Jividen's House

Thanksgiving at the Jividens

The Thanksgiving Feast

Zach, Lou, Tyler & Jackie

Ethan Gallagher

Tyler Jividen

Kylie Gallagher

Zachary Jividen

Jeffrey Jividen

Laura Jividen

Ashley Jividen

2018 Best Pictures    

Tournament Champions

Summer Camp

Are we lucky, or what?!

Last Band Concert

Mother's Day at the Club

Mother's Day at Sugarloaf

Grandma's Birthday - June 21st

Spring - Peachtree Ridge Pitching

Fall - North Gwinnett Zach at Bat

Second Base & Pitcher

Where's My Bat?

PGA Junior Tournament

on Dan's Birthday

Happy 17th Birthday E !

Happy Birthday Laura !

Light up the Kids

Christmas Eve Family & Lobster

The Gallagher Brothers Gather

Gallaghers on Christmas Eve

Ethan & Kylie Gallagher

Just being cute!

Second Base & Pitcher
Spring Break @ Lake Powell - Page, Arizona

KOKO House at Lake Powell

Overlooks Lake Powell and Glen Canyon Damn

Hot Tub, Pool and Beautiful Sunsets

Starts at Glen Canyon Damn

Rafting the Colorado River

Very Cold Water!

Lazy Float down the River

Freezing Cold Water!

Cool Place!

Lower Antelope Canyon

I see the Light!

Jeff leads the way and Makes it out!
June @ Lake Burton

Quiet Cove; only 131 steps up to the house!

Lake Burton in June

Pontoon Boat for the Week!    Tubing.mpg    Tubing.mp4
PGA Junior Tournament

2017 Carnival Spring Break Cruise - Again!?;    Lake Burton Labor Day - Again ?!    

Spring Break Carnival Cruise - Different Boat, Larger Group

Carnival VISTA

Gallaghers, Jividens, Coxs, Umans

The Outdoor Life

Reflections for Dinner

We didn't get the 21 seat round table

With Entertainment

Cruise in a Cruise!

Swim with the Rays

Play with Rays
Labor Day Weekend at Lake Burton - Different House - Different Boat!

   Fishing is Fun!?

   Tyler Tuber

Ethan Gallagher

Tyler Jividen

Kylie Gallagher

Zachary Jividen
   Kylie Skies

2016 Best Pictures; Passing of John Jividen; Hawaiin Cruise; Emerald Coast Cuise-in    

Tyler joins new Middleschool Band Initiative
February 11, 2016 John Jividen Passing    
June 2016: Hawaiin Island Cruise

Honolulu Banyan Tree

Norwegian's Pride of America

Tree Park

Maui - Lahaina Luau

The North Shore

Hawaii - Volcanoe National Bark

Hawaii - The Black Beach

Kauai - Captain Andy's Catamaran

2015 Best Pictures; Spring Break Carnival Cruise; Lake Burton Labor Day & Retirement    

April Spring Break Carnival Cruise

We're Ready!

Carnival Masdaam - April 7th St. Thomas

We're Ready Too! What?

Pool, Big Screen & Water Tubes

Let's get this thing underway!

The Adult Pool and Isolation Area

St. Johns Island Tour

St. Johns Island Tour

St. Johns Island Tour

Tyler at Sky Court

Zach at Sky CourtSky Court

Ethan at Sky Court

Margaritaville, Grand Turk, BWI

Stay Close to Water

In Pool Bar, Awesome!
Labor Day Weekend at Lake Burton

Piece of Cake"

Now we got it!

Away we Go!

Chipper Goes Nuts, but not In!

Let' go Canoeing Tyler!

Let's Try Fishing

Let's try skiing!

2014 Best Pictures; Family Caribbean Cruise    

Joined AIG Staff to Manage the PMO Change Management System - NYC & Remote through 2015 & Retirement
Ethan Yearbook Picture
April Spring Break Disney Cruise

Tyler & Zach are Ready!

The Surprise Disney Cruise!

Ethan and Keily are Ready!

2013 Most Memorable Pictures - The Last of a Generation    

Program Management Office Contract Implementation at AIG in NYC

Charles Gerald Van Arsdale
October 18, 1923 - July 1, 2013

Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Old Bridge, NJ

She loved the Game!

Etta Emaline Gallagher
July 13, 1922 - October 5, 2013

Washington Monumental Cemetery, South River, NJ

Etta's Family Left Behind

The Jividens at Phipps Plaza

The Grandkids visiting Santa

The Gallaghers at Phipps Plaza

2012 Bests Pictures    

Project Manage the Implementation & Configuration of Program Management Office for Delta Airlines, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Fathers on Fathers Day at the Club

Three Generations

Kylie Learns to Ride

Weekend Activities

Fun and exhausting!

Ethan does La Crosse

Tyler tries Baseball

Gotta Love this Game

Kylie Sticks with Soccer

So much fun!

Zach sticks with Baseball

Done with Elementary School

Tyler's Birthday at SkyZone

A Great Idea

Christmas Eve at Grandmas

Christmas Eve at Grandmas

Christmas Eve at Grandmas

Christmas Eve at Grandmas

Christmas Eve at Grandmas

Christmas Eve at Grandmas

Christmas Eve at Grandmas

Grandma Lou

Grandpa John

Great Grandma Etta
Etta & her Boys
Lake Burton Vacation

Rafting is the thing!

We will Win!

Danny Raft Master

Fishing, always an option

Someone has to drive

Fireworks from a Boat; Not since 1985!

or just taking it easy

can we go now!

I love the lake!

2009 Best Pictures    

Movie Clip

Movie Clip

Movie Clip

Movie Clip

2008 Best Pictures    


2007 Best Pictures    


Annual Christmas Pictures with Santa

March Birthdays: Jeff & Ashley at Laura's

2006 Best Pictures    

Zachary, the last Great Grandchild for Etta
December - Phoenix Family & Golf

Trouble for Sure in Phoenix

We're Here Anyway

Maybe this is even more Trouble?

2002 Best Pictures    

Moved to New House in Reunion, Hall County Georgia

Dan & Barbara, Linda & Jennifer, Sandy & Dorathy

January in the Poconos

1999 - Dannny's Wedding    

September 11, 1999 Daniel Gallagher marries Ashely Nicole Johnson in Lawrenceville, Georgia

  Scan Pending   Scan Pending   Scan Pending

1999 - Laura's Wedding

July 24, 1999 Laura Christy Gallagher marries Jeffrey Michael Jividen in Reston, Virginia


1998 Best Pictures    

Ashley Johnson

Danny Gallagher - No marriages yet!

Jeff Jividen

Laura Gallagher - we're still in Lawrenceville
June - Palm Springs & California Trip

Time off for Travel

Family from All Over!

Barb's parents from Pennsylvania Log Home

Hadn't seen Jeanie & Vic in years

Nieces from New Jersey

Stop at Santa Anna on way out

1997 Best Pictures    
50th Wedding Anniversary; College Graduation; Colorado River Rafting and Park City Skiing just for fun!

Laura Christy & Daniel Gallagher
May:    Charles & Dorothy celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary in New Jersey

Anniversary Crown in Pennsylvania.

Dot & Hap's 50th Anniversary

Siblings of the Couple

Laura (Gallagher) & Jeff Jividen

Jack, Karen & Dan

The VanArsdale Clan
May:    Danny Graduates from Georgia Southern University

Danny Graduates from Georgia Southern University

Etta (Gallagher) McLaughlin

New York City in December
May:    Colorado River Rafting & Arizona

Looking Down Before the Rafting Trip

Just Awesome

Across the Canyon from the South Rim

Rim Drive has great views!

Cactus in Bloom everywhere

Houses carved from Stone

Ride a Mule to the Canyon Bottom - NOT!

Another Rim Drive Overlook

The Old Wild West

Glen Canyon Damn - Launch!

2 Rafts of People - 1 for supplies (Lobster Tail Dinner)

Lake Cruise outside Phoenix after River Trip

Dot & Hap Van Arsdale

Maarge & Les Chapman live in Tuscon

Family Dinner out - No Kids married yet.
September:    Buffalo for Doug's Wedding and Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Garden

Buffalo, NY

Niagara Falls

The View from Below

Awesome Boatride!

You should this thing frozen (198?)
November:    Park City, Utah for some winter fun!

Mormon Tabernacle Organ

Awesome Place!

Anxious to Get Out There?

Park City, Utah

Quiet & Peaceful

Bottom of the Slopes

You gotta love this

Beautiful Weathe

Boards the Way to GO!

1996 Best Pictures    

Day at Olympics

Olympics come to Atlanta

Bryant Gumble for "Today" following Bombing!
Gallaghers In Lawrenceville at Christmas

Etta visits for Christmas from Decatur, Alabama

1994 Best Pictures    
Family Winter Vacation to Stowe Vermont; Laura Graduates from University of Geogia

Stowe, Vermont

Stowe Vermont - off to dinner!
Laura Graduates from University of Georgia

Laura Graduates from University of Georgia

1993 Best Pictures    
Danny Graduates from High School & is off to Geogia Southern

Danny Graduates High School
Gdansk, Poland

VanArsdales, Gallaghers, Callindrillas, Testas

1992 Best Pictures    
Dot & Hap move to Log Home in East Stroudsbug, Pennsylvania

Charles settles in at the new Log Home

Dorothy in the Peace & Quiet of PA

Life is Good!

Retire to the Mountains
New Wheels, New Bed, Power Windows,
350V8, Air, READY!

Danny, 17, That was quick!

Laur & Shannon at UGA Paty

Laura, a Junior at UGA

1991 Best Pictures    
New Boat for Traveling - 22' Hurricane Deck Boat; New Paint on the '50; Dot & Hap Start Log Home in PA

Danny's New Look
Jennifer & Heather Kelly

22' Hurricane Deck Boat

MR2 - Mid-Life Crisis ?!

'50 gets a new paint job

Migration to Pennsylvania Initiated

Laura Gallagher

Danny, Danny Powers & Laura

1990 Best Pictures    

Spring New Jersey Trip

Family Reunion in Decatur, Alabama

Laura & Keith to Homecoming

1989 Best Pictures    

Weekend Trip from Mt. Jewett Project

to Niagara Falls

Laura & New Boyfriend Shannon

Jr Prom with Keith
Jamaica for Vacation

Dinner at the Club

Beautiful Waterfall

Danny & Laura

No Laws Here!

Lots of nice places

Danny & Barbara in Museum - NOT!

1988 Best Pictures    
Mom & Ed moved From Rogersville, off the river, to Decatur near the golf course.

Newphew Brian Gallagher

Brian in Charge

Danny Gallagher

Smokey Mountain National Park

Laura & Kieth Anglin Senior Prom

Laura & Kieth Anglin to Homecoming

1987 Best Pictures     - We'll miss Granny
Sold the Pontoon boat and bought a 22' Hurricane Deck Boat so we can visit other lakes more easily

713 Pine Chase Court, Lawrenceville, GA

Laura Christy and the MR2

1987? Elk River, Rogersville, Alabama

Granny's Birthday

Chestnut Hill Cemetery, Old Bridge, New Jersey
Resting Place for her grand parents, parents and children

Laura (Lamkie) Van Arsdale
March 30, 1900 - November 27, 1987

Dot & Hap's 40th Anniversary

Dorothy Malkiewicz & Charles Van Arsdale

Oldest Daughter Barbara & Dan Gallagher

Dot & Hap's 40th Anniversary
Oldest Daughter Barbara & Dan Gallagher
Laura Christy at Christmas

Daniel at Christmas

1986 Best Pictures    

February 17, Helen Malkiewicz's 75th Birthday

Laura 8th Grade

Danny Studio Picture
Ralph Gallagher marries Carol Furbay

Laura at Christmas

Laura, Barbara & Danny

Christmas in Lawrenceville

1985 Best Pictures    

Log Home Construction in Pennsylvania for Dot & Hap

Laura Christy Gallagher

The Gallaghers

Daniel Gallagher

Granny Van Arsdale's 85th BIrthday

Easter in New Jersey

Laura, Jennifer & Maria
Easter in New Jersey

Camping at Gudger's in Ellijay

Running the Rapids?

There is always music!

Gallaghers & McLaughlins on the Elk River

Etta on the River

Huntsville Space Center
Danny Gallagher

8th Grade Cheerleader

Baskeetball Season

Laura in Softball League!

ED & Etta McLaughlin in Lawrenceville, GA

Laura's Birthday

Laura & Danny at Christmas

1984 Best Pictures    
First Cruise: Big Red Boat to Caribbean; Bought first old vehicle to build a Street Rod;

Disneyworld before Cruise

3 Days @ DisneyWorld

before the 4 Day Cruise

Ice Cream for Hydration

The Big Red Boat

A Close Watch on the Kids!

Danny on the Beach

Beats Workin for Sure!

They even provide the pets

Disney has their own Island
The New Old 1950 Chevy Pick-up Truck
Camping on Lanier
Kids are a wornderful joy!

Christmas in Lawrenceville - What Stress?!

Growing Toooo Fast!

I can Hardly get everything done!

Growing Toooo Fast!

Christmas in Lawrenceville - What Stress?!

I can Hardly get everything done!

1983 Best Pictures    
Disneyworld with the Woody's; Pontoon boat to Elk River for Family Reunion.

Laura Christy Gallagher

Daniel Gallagher

DisneyWorld with the Woody's

Baseball Season Returns
Easter at Sheila Guinn's

28 Foot Refurbished Pontoon Boat

Lake Lanier Camping in May with Jay

Laura Christy Gallagher
Based on Beards, both not 1983!
Family Reunion on the Elk River

Family Reunion on the Elk River

Ed & Etta here from 1975 - 1987

Rogersville, Alambama

Cribbage, Really!

Vacations are Tough!

River Swimming & Fishing

Lake Lanier Camping

Lake Lanier Camping

Lake Lanier Camping

Laura' 11th Birthday

Thanksgiving in New Jersey

Thanksgiving in New Jersey

713 Pine Chase Court
Christmas in Lawrenceville, GA

1982 Best Pictures    

Lake Glenville, North Carolina
Lake Lakier - Weekday Joy!

1981 Best Pictures    

Bought & Rebuilt 28' Pontoon Boat - Slip on Lake Lanier

Daniel Gallagher

Easter at Grandmas on Elk River

Family Reunion on the Elk River

Grandkids Outside - What's a Switch?

Jo Ann has the watch

Disneyworld Vacation

Christmas with the Guinns

1980 Best Pictures    

Etta & Ed move from Rutherford, New Jersey to the Elk River in Rogersville, Alabama to play golf! May have been as early as 1975?

Laura Christy Gallagher
Daniel Gallagher

Etta & her boys

Gallagher Reunion - Elk River, Alabama

Gallaghers from Georgia

Disneyworld with the Van Arsdales

Daniel & Laura @ Disneyworld

Opryland with Grandma Etta

Great Grandmother Lula Tucker

Grandfather Charles Van Arsdale "Pop pop"

Great Grandmother Laura (Lamkie) Van Arsdale

1979 Best Pictures - Move to Lawrenceville, Georgia    

Move to Lawrenceville, Georgia to avoid weather, traffic and new Princeton work address

March Snowman in East Brunswick, NJ

Danny & Laura Gallagher

Spring Finally Arrives

Danny's 4th Birthday Party

Ready for Vacation - Going South

Washington DC returning from Alabama & Atlanta

713 Pine Chase Court, Lawrenceville, GA

Date probably wrong - later

First Georgia Christmas

1978 Best Pictures    

Winter in East Brunswick, NJ

25 Rodney Road

Laura & Danny at Easter

Danny's 3rd Backyard Birthday

Halloween Party

Halloween Goblins
Christmas at Grandmas

Danny & Laura Gallagher

1977 Best Pictures    

Graduated from Rutgers University, Bachelor of Science in Accounting

Rutgers Graduation.

BS in accounting.

Camping at Lake Wallenpaupack

Home is Good!

Fun at the Park

Another Lake George Vacation

Barbara & Granny Van Arsdale

Virgin Islands Vacation
Christmas Day at Grandmas

1976 Best Pictures    

Granny's Birthday, March

Laura, Jackie & Danny

Danny's Birthday

Laura, Danny & Andrew

Laura @ Arsenal, Huntsville, AL

Halloween in Spotswood

Laura Gallagher's Birthday

Laura Chrisy's Birthday

Danny at Christmas at Grandmas

Danny & Laura Gallagher - Christmas

1975 Best Pictures        First House and Danny Arrives!

Layed off from Bassett Steel & Tube ('75 Slump) - 2nd Shift Supervisor; Joined Johnson & Johnson - A/R Clerk
Transferred from Middlesex County College - Accounting to Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ

Spotswood Apartment

New Car - Looking Up!

Laura Number 1!

Laura - All by Myself!

First House, East Brunswick, NJ

Daniel Comes Home

Daniel's Christening with Mike & Sheila Guinn

It's all About Playtime!

Two's a Crowd!

I Love Xmas

Life is Good!

1974 Best Pictures    

Barbara & Laura Gallagher
Heather Millet & Laura - Apartment

Barbara & Laura Gallagher

Christmas in Spotswood

Barbara & Laura Gallagher

1973 Best Pictures - It's all about Laura    

Enrolled Middlesex County College, Accounting Major

1972 Out of Navy & Laura Arrives!    

Back to New Jersey; Joined Basset Steel & Tube, Milltown, New Jersey - Warehouseman (No one looking for submarines out here!)

Lonnie and Linda Wilson - Quonset Point

Brad Wyse & his wife and Linda Wilson

Apartment in Spotswood

Dan & John Steward (Hap's neighbor)

Charlie at Lake Wallenpaupack

Camping at Lake Wallenpaupack, PA in April 1972

45th Wedding Anniversary
November 22 - Laura Christy Gallagher

Out of the Navy - Out into the Light!

1971 Best Pictures    
USS Saratoga Mediterranean Cruise & Etta marries Ed McLaughlin & moves to Rutherford, NJ

Xmas in Rutherford, NJ

Christmas in Rutherford from Dallas

Christmas in Rutherford from Quonse Point, RI

Christmas in Rutherford from Rutgers Univ

1970 Best Pictures    

USS Wasp North Atlantic Cruise, Marriage, and Move to Quonset Point, Rhode Island

See Dan's Personal Page for Cruise Pictures

The Wedding Shower - Things to Come!

A Great Turn-out

Wedding Announcement

October 24, 1970 - And now it begins!    

The Van Arsdales

Immaculate Conception Church

Dan and Barbara Gallagher

159 Jackson Street; Ready for Church

Barbara Jean Van Arsdale - Last Time!

The Deed is Done!

Barbara Jean Van Arsdale - Last Walk

Immaculate Conception, Spotswood, NJ

The Deed is Done!

Laura Van Arsdale

Helen Malkiewicz

Joseph Malkiewicz

1970-182 Mary Lula Tucker

Rehearsel Dinner

Wedding Rehearsel

Wedding Rehearsel

The Honeymoon

Great Hotel and Views

Garden Park

Family Archives - Pre 1970    
SERE School - Maine

Between Memphis & Keywest

Barbara's Graduation

US Navy AWAN Aircrewman

Fort Lauderdale

1969 Mercury Montego - Our First New Car

Barbara Van Arsdale

US Navy Boot Camp

Boot Camp Graduation

Post Boot Camp Leave

AWA School Chistmas Leave

Middle of 16 week Electronics School

Christmas break to Relax

and definitely Unwind

No idea what was the occassion

Dan's Senior Prom

Taking a College Girl!
Yearbook Picture

Christmas with the Van Arsdale Girls

4 months at Monmouth College

It's a family affair in Old Bridge

Senior Yearbook

Barbara's Senior Prom

High School Graduation

The Van Arsdale Girls

Lake George Vacation

SRHS Football - Undefeated

Etta, Dan & Ralph move to 33 Essex Street

Lake George Vacation

Our first picture ?

Linda, Sandy, Barbara & Sheila

New York World's Fair - last picture of Dad

1965 or 1966 ?

Granny, Thelma, Barbara & Nancy      August 9, 1965 - Dad's Last Trip

August Florida Vacation
South River High School Prom

Christmas 1964 - South River, NJ

From Baltimore to 118 Darrow Street, South River, New Jersey

New Years Eve - Harry & Etta

Spring 1963

Barbara Jean @ Christmas

Gallaghers at Niagara Falls

Baltimore, Year 2

Christmas 1963 - Baltimore, MD

Joanne, Sue & Barbara in May

Van Arsdale Girls at the Pool

Cousins at Christmas

Only Scout Engagement

Skyline Drive in Virginia

Danny's 13th Birthday - Baltimore

Barbara's Catholic Confirmation

Elementary School Graduation
Van Arsdale Sisters at Christmas

Linda, Barbara & Sandy Van Arsdale

Easter in Spotswood, NJ

Christmas on Jackson Street
Dallas Snow Storm in House

Van Arsdales @ Frontier Town

Sandy, Barbara, & Linda

Van Arsdales - Easter in Spotswood, NJ

August 16th - Sandy's Birthday
Christmas in Spotswood
Gallaghers move to Dallas Texas (Apt)
Girls at Easter

Van Arsdales @ Niagara Falls, NY

Barbara & Francis Mayo

Uncle Buddy & all the Grandkids

Easter Sunday

North Pole @ Lake George

Christmas in Spotswood
Danny Gallagher - 8th Birthday

Barbara's 8th Birthday

Annual Lake George Vacation

New Dolls at Christmas

New Year Party

Routy Adults to the Basement

Cousins Council
Danny's 7th Birthday

Gallaghers in Montgomery, AL

The Van Arsdales

Barbara's 1st Communion

Barbara's 7th Birthday

Nancy's Birthday

XMAS Card from Girls

Linda's Birthday

Gallaghers in Montgomery, Al

Danny Gallagher - 6th Birthday

Halloween Clowns

Nancy, Sandy & Barbara for Easter

Liberty Island, NYC

Grandpa Edward & Barbara Van Arsdale
& Cousin Nancy Rudnitsky
Barbara & Santa

Barbara & Sandy Van Arsdale
Danny's 1st Day of School
Annual Olan Mills Portrait

Sandy's 1st Birthday with Barbara
Laura, Barbara & Edward Van Arsdale

Barbara & Sandy Van Arsdale

Barbara & Sandy, Winter Playground

Barbara & Sandy @ Christmas

Smokey Mountain Camping

Columbia, South Carolina Country Club

Danny Gallagher - Olan Mills
Barbara at Easter

April 19, 1952

Barbara Flower girl

Elanor Malkiewicz marries Joe Lonzaro

Bobby, Barry, Bret & Barbara

Dorathy, Charles & Barbara Van Arsdale

Barbara with Grandparents in Old Bridge, NJ

Gallagher Boys
Lewis Daniel "Danny" Gallagher

June 21st Barb's 3rd Birthday

Niagara Falls, New York

Barbara's Christmas in Spotswood

Danny Gallagher February 18th
18 months old in Gadsen, AL

Moved to 351 Wilmont Ave. Columbia, SC

Danny Gallagher September 25th
2nd Birthday

June 21st - Barbara's 2nd Birthday

Barbara Jean Van Arsdale

Jimmy, Barbara & Karen
Lewis Daniel Gallagher - AL

Charles & Dorathy Van Arsdale

Barbara Jean Van Arsdale arrives June 21, 1948

Dot & Hap's First House, Spotswood, NJ

Van Arsdale Home - 58 Old Matawan Road
Old Bridge, New Jersey

Charles Gerald Van Arsdale marries
Dorathy Ann Malkiewicz May 17, 1947

Malkiewicz Home
56 William Street
Charles Van Arsdale
8th Air Force - B-17 Gunner
Etta Emaline (Tucker) Gallagher
"Charlie" Van Arsdale - The Singer