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Barbara Jean Van Arsdale

Lewis Daniel Gallagher

  • Born: 25 Sep 1949, Gadsden, Etowah, Alabama, USA
  • Marriage: Barbara Jean Van Arsdale on 24 Oct 1970 in Spotswood, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA

bullet  General Notes:

1949 September 25 born in Gadsden, Alabama - res: 456 Herzberg Circle, Gadsden
Birthing Doctor W. O. Anderson
1950 in Gadsden,AL
1951 moved to Columbia, SC @ 351 Wilmont Ave
1952 in Columbia, SC
1953 in COlumbia, SC
1955 in Montgomery, AL
1956 in Montgomery, AL
1959 in Dallas in apartment
1960 in Dallas Texas in House for winter storm
1960 Dec 4 Confirmation at ST. Matthew's Cathedral, Dallas, TX
1961? moved to Atlanta, Georgia at 2002 Rockledge Road?
1962 moved from Atlanta to Baltimore, MD
1963 still in Baltimore, MD
1964 Summer moved to South River, NJ
1965 Aug 9 Father dies of heart attack in Louisville, KY on sales trip. Etta and Dan are there from visit in Huntsville, Al family. Jay and Ralph arrive right after father passes.
1967 June Graduated from South River High School
1967 Sept - June 1968 Attend Monmouth College, West Long Branch, NJ GenEd Earned 32 credits with a 2.55 GPA (C+ or B-?) Waste of Time and don't know what I want to do:
1968 July - joined the US Navy. Got with Father Hulbert to tell mom
1968 Boot Camp
1969 AWA School in Memphis, Faetulant and Flight School in Keywest.
1969 August ? Arrive Quonset Point - squadron in Cuba on Intrpid for training. 3-4 weeks on Shore Patrol working gate at Quonset Point. We then fly to Cuba. First flight is free deck launch off of Intrepid - straight deck carrier. Few weeks and back to Quonset Point.
1970 Cruise to Mediterrean on USS Wasp
1970 Oct 24 - married to Barbara Jean Van Arsdale - sweetheart since early of 1965. Honeymoon in Nassau and we move to Quonset Point Apartment
197? Promoted to AW3
197? Passed E5, AW2 exam but need to extend to get the promotion. No thanks.
1971 North Atlantic Cruise on USS Saratoga as Plant Owner in CV Concept (combines CVA Attack and CVS ASW Carrier mission on one boat)
1971 Mom still in Rutherford, NJ with Ed
1972 Aug 18 Discharged from US Navy; Moved to Spotswood, NJ with Laura on the way. MOved into apartment on Main St. Went to work for Bassett Steel & Tube Warehouse in Milltown as a rotating, working shift forman with 2-3 workers for saw, forklift and crane oder preparations
1973 Promoted to 2nd Shift, fixed shift Foreman (so I could get back to school)
1974 Jan Started at Middlesex County College, full-time days in Accounting Program
1975 ??? Laid off from Bassett Steel - acquired job at Johnson & Johnson International Division as Accounts Receivable Clerk; transferred to Rutgers to finish Bachelors Program in Accounting while working in New Brunswick Headquarters.
1975 bought first house at 25 Rodney Road, E. Brunswick, NJ
197? Job moved to new International Division Headquarters and Warehouse operation on Route 1 next to DOC Plant.
1976 or 77 Promoted to Payroll Supervisor at Baby Products - moved to Piscataway, NJ Office. Consolidated 2 hourly, bi-weekly salary and monthly management payroll systems into one system. Account reconciliations continue as well as payroll tax handling. Super was Nick Borelli.
1977 BS in Accounting from Rutgers
197? Promoted to Accountant in Financial Accounting Department at Baby Products. Intercompany Accounting, Product Line Financial Statement preparations for Baby vs. ?? vs. ??
1979 Baby Products new Headquarters at new Diaper plant outside Princeton, NJ. A horrible commute and very expensive property, so can't live near there anyway. Weather and traffic suck in NJ. Vacation to Georiga to visit Sheila and look for a job. Found one before leaving and offered two more after we got back to NJ. (had gone to southern Texas in summer to look for job - too hot)
1979 July moved to Lawrenceville, GA at 713 Pine Chase Court and went to work for Reliance Electric Company, newly acquired by Exxon as Accounting Supervisor with 3 clerical workers (Bill Woody - Cost Accounting, Geralidine Pugh A/P and Payroll & Marcus Helton (Cost Accounting and Inventory). A great little company.
1980 Promoted to Plant Controller after assuming the Acting Controllers job for several months. Jim Ayers (the Controller who hired me) was young and not selected for the opem Plant Managers job right after I arrived. The PM had been transferred down from a northern motor plant and shortly thereafter retired. His replacement was selected from a the Athens Georgia plant, so Jim didn't see any place to grow, so left the company. On Plant Controller appointment I picked up the Data Processing department with 3 more employees, 2 operators for the HP3000 system and a Supervisor (Tommy Thompson).
1980 Mom & Ed on Elk River
1986? Promoted to Manufacturing Manager when ours retired. He had been placed (again from a northern plant several years ago and aged. I had been very involved in integarion of the Engineering Spec, Cost Accouting and Inventory systems as well as the Just in Time rergainziation of the mfg processes.
1983 Spring bought & refurbished Pontoon boat
1983 Picture of 50 truck with original wheels and no side boards
1984 Mom still on Eld River
1985 Dot & Hap still in Spotswood (Granny's 85th birthday picture)
1987 April had MR2 & 50 Truck with side boards and orignial wheels
1988 Looks like I bought the Deck Boat; Still had pontoon boat? at beginning of year?
2015 Retired after position at AIG was shipped overseas.
2015 Aug Open Heart, Triple Bypass Surger - Dr. Hastings, Gainesville, GA

bullet  Research Notes:

FamilySearch ID# LKRX-M17
Herzberg Circle - Gadsden house when born
1337 Alabama Street, Gadsden - last address of Louy Daniel Gallagher


bullet  Noted events in his life were:

High School Graduation: Liberal Arts program for college entry, Jun 1967, South River, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA.

College Entry: Entered Monmouth College in Liberal Arts Program, Sep 1967, West Long Branch, , New Jersey, USA.

U.S. Navy Enlistment: Joined the Navy to see the world, get out of college and get married, 18 Aug 1968. 1968 Sept - Nov: Boot Camp at Great Lakes ~ 16 weeks
1968 Dec - Mar 1969: ASW 'A' School in Memphis Tennessee - originally slated for Radar School, I was pulled aside after initial testing, along with 15 other candidates, and offered the chance to make $55 more a month. I would have to go to more schools, and fly and look for submarines. Signed right up. Available for P3 (land based), helicopter (sonar) or Carrier fixed wing types of assignments available upon graduation.
1969 Apr - June: Aircrew School in Keywest Florida; In flight equipment operation training in twin prop Gruman S2E ASW aircraft.
1969 Jul - Aug: Faetulant Training in Norfolk, Virginia. Classified Russian submaring identification training and ASW tactics. Also spen a week in the back mountains of Maine at SERE school (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape).
1969 Checked into VS-28 in Quonset Point. The squadron was on the Intrepid in Cuba for a ShakeDown Cruise, so I was on Shore Patrol for 5 weeks. Then the growing number of new members of the Air Squadron were flown to Quantonimo Bay, Cuba. My first flight was a free deck launch off the Intrepid 3 days later.
1970 Mar - August: U.S.S. Wasp cruise to the North Atlantic. We crossed the Artic Circle (which makes me a "Blue Nose") and tracked a Soviet submarine from the North Sea all the way across the Atlantic before we rang his bell.
1971 U.S.S. Saratoga - the first CV concept cruise. This combined ASW and Attack aircraft in preparation for the new S3 ASW jet being deployed next year. This Mediterranean cruise duplicated no ports from the Wasp cruise. My non-flight jobs were to keep the pilots logs and stand Ready Room Watch.

U.S. Navy Active Duty Discharge: Four years to the day, 17 Aug 1972, Quonset Point, , Rhode Island, USA. Have no idea what I am going to do, but have a pregnant wife. Time to look around.

Bassett Steel & Tube: First real job with baby on the way, Sep 1972, Milltown, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA. Unable to use submarine finding skills in the public domain, I take a job in a local Steel Distribution Center on return to NJ after discharge. Worked as a Rotating Shift Supervisor through August of 1973, and then assumed a steady 2nd Shift Foreman's position to enable me to return to college full time days. The shift was cancelled and I was laid off due to the 1975 Oil Crisis and recession.

Johnson & Johnson: Accouting field entry with two years of Junior College, 1 May 1975, New Brunswick, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA. I started in the International Export Group whose administrative offices were in the Corporate Headquarters Campus in new Brunswick, NJ. I had finished two years at Middlesex County College and had 21 credits in Accounting. I started at the Accounts Receivalbe clerk, and helped implement a new A/R system. I then moved to the Cashier position dealing with international payments and letters of credit. I completed my International Export engagment as the Accounts Payable\\\\Financial Inventory Control position. During this 2 year period I transferred my accounting credits to Rutgers and carried a full time night course load. International Export had moved from the Corporate Camput to a new distribution center on Route 1 in North Brunswick, next to the Diaper plant.
It was 1977, and I had finished and obtained a BS in Accounting from Rutgers. I transferred to the Payroll Supervisor position in the Piscataway offices of Baby Products. Consolidated five payroll systems into three and managed all the payroll accounting and tax reporting. This was about a year engagement.
In 1978 I was promoted to Financial Accountant and moved to the Fiancial Reporting area. I was responsible for intercompany accounting, consolidations, Product Line Reporting and general ledger controls and reconciliations. Can't get away from the systems work. In 1979 Baby Products was getting ready to move into a new Baby Products Diaper and World Headquarters facility in Princeton. The commute was a non-starter, and relocation to a home just miles from Princeton wasn't plausible.

Reliance Electric: Move to Atlanta to a huge house, great job with good potential, 1 Jun 1979, Flowery Branch, Hall, Georgia, USA. Took a vacation in the spring of 1979 to visit the Guinn's who both worked for Delta in Atlanta. Sheila was wifes good friend in High School. Applied for several jobs after being very impresses with the neighborhoods, houses, the lake and the weather. Had several offers before I finished vacation, and received an offer from Reliance Electric a week later. I had interviewed at the DC Motor Manufacturing plant up by the Lake, and was very impressed. It was nice size, and the managers seemed competent and engaged. I was offerered the Cost Accounting Supervisor's job, and I took it.
After the promotion of the plant manager to a Product Management role in the Athens plant, a new Plant Manager was brought in from a plant in Ashtabula, Ohio. The young Plant Staff managers who thought they should get the job started to leave, including the Plant Controller. I was given the Interim Controllers job after only being on board and working with Cost Accounting for six months. After four months it was decided that I was qualified, and given the Plant Controllers. I picked up the "Data Processing" responsibilities, as well as the Produt Controller responsibilities. After 5 years I was given the Manufacturing Manager postion to implement the "Just in Time" manufacturing approach we had been wroking on for several years. After 8 years I was let go for political reasons related to expecting shift supervisors to do their jobs. I was always better at doing my job than keeping it.

Prestolite Electric: Division Controller for Cranking Motor Plant in Gainesville, Georgia, 15 Oct 1987, Gainesville, Hall, Georgia, USA. A good fit for my experience at the time. This unionized plant, however, had an entirely different feel. The Plant Manager and engineering Manager were completely disengaged from the production floor. The HR Manager knew only a few of the employees, and only dealt with the shop steward. I had known every every employee at Reliance (~200) and was on the floor daily as the Controller. I reported to the Corporate Controller as the local staff wasn't much involved in the Accounting or Financial Management. After a shooting in the plant, I started looking for something else to do. This was a 6-9 engagement.

Wink-o-Matic Signal Company: CFO for Traffic Signal Lights, Installation and City Wide Traffic Control Systems, 15 Feb 1988, Duluth, Gwinnett, Georgia, USA. Joined this small company as the Accounting Manager, and before I arrived it was decided that the current CFO would be leaving and I would replace him. On my first day, as well as finding out I was now the CFO, I was also advised that the company (actually 35 companies, of which i now manged two) were in Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Eighteen months later, after many late nights and no lay-offs, we were bought out of bankruptcy and the administration of the company rolled into the new owner.

Consulting Career Starts: I now engaged on a Consulting career that would last (off and on) for 27 years, 15 Sep 1989.      My first consulting job was to install an MRPII system at Allegheny Particleboard, in Mt. Jewett, PA. The Corporate office was in Atlanta, and they liked my background in systems, accounting and manufacturing. I installed the Marcam "Prism" MRP system. The plant was not completed when I showed up on site to start, but the computer had just been put in. I had to find a staff an bring up accounting and inventory control methodologies. Success.

1990 Johnson & Johnson (again) Noramco bulk pharmaceutical campus in Athens, Georgia. They brought me in to assist with the install of the same Marcam system. Their backer, (McNiel Laboratories) which owned one of the two plants in the Campus, decided they wouldn't share the software the other plant (which had brought me in), and would stand up their own IT shop. I was engaged to fin an alternative, as after setting up the Bills of Material and Production Scheduling Operations in "Prism", they decided they needed the software, but couldn't afford the huge cost. I ultimately found the "Macoloa" MRPII LAN\\\\WAN system to satisfy their FDA product reporting and control requirements. I became a Macola VAR (Value Added Reseller) as part of this process. After successful implementation of Production, Accounting and Inventory functions, I continued to leverage my knowledge and experience with this package for the next 5 years.

Modus Operandi: Process Modeling Consultant in telecomm industry, 15 Nov 1995. This 3 1/2 year engagement provided the backbone of my Knowledge Management Framework. It enabled me to graphical organize and communicate the Change Mangement Process from an integrated business, technology and informational perspective. I initiated a new Process Modeling Engagement model where a single consultant would manage a Business Improvement Project staffed with Customer supplied SMEs to define an document the "As Is", "To Be" and associated Roadmap to get from where they are to where they want to be to optimize the Process Efficiency, Effeciveness and Customer Impact.

1995-1996 Cox Communications System Integration and Consoliation with the Times Mirror acquired systems in New England. These four operations in Rhode Island and Connecticut would integrate the "Best Practices" of the four business units into a single, common head end and administrative operation.

1997 - Engagment at Bell South related to Work Management Center Performance Improvement initiatives in the Southeast.

1998 Jones Cable Systems in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Maryland and West Virginia were customers for the "Best Practices" approach of Performance Improvement.

1999 Bellsouth again, this time for the Project support role of the Implementation of the Telcordia "FORCE" workforce management system.

CIMple Business Systems, Inc: Returned to Consulting and\or short term Project Engagements, 26 Jul 1999. 1999 - Computer Task Group: Project Management Methodology Product Offering Development
2000 - 2003 Delta Technology for Global IT Assoicates: Program Management Office for Revenue Pipeline System Development.
2004 - 2005 John H. Harland Company: Implement Demand Management Office \\\\ Siebel Product Performance Project Manager
2005 - 2008 Implementation and Management of HP Project & Portfolio Management System v6.5 & 7.1.
2009 Advance Auto Parts through RCG Information Technology: Program Management functionality within HP-PPM v8.0
2010 Huntington National Bank for Collabera, Inc to Implement HP-PPM v8.5
2011 Deloitte - Brazil Implementation Training for Vale Mining Implementation of HP-PPM v9.1 in Rio de Janerio for Pepperweed Consulting
2011 Nextel International for HP Saas Group: Workflow Development
2012 - 2013 Delta Air Lines Implementation of HP-PPM v9.1 for Results Positive.
2013 - 2015 AIG Performance Assessment and Management of HP-PPM v9.1 as HP-PPM Application Manager

Retirement: Retire when you are able, 23 Apr 2015, Hoschton, Hall, Georgia, USA.


Lewis married Barbara Jean Van Arsdale, daughter of Charles Gerald Van Arsdale and Dorathy Ann Malkiewicz, on 24 Oct 1970 in Spotswood, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA. (Barbara Jean Van Arsdale was born on 21 Jun 1948 in New Brunswick, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA.)

bullet  Noted events in their marriage were:

First House: Moved to first house after living in apartment since leaving the Navy, 1974 ?, East Brunswick, Middlesex, New Jersey, USA.

Move to Georgia: Left the bad weather and traffic to move to a better place, 1 Jul 1979, Lawrenceville, Gwinnett, Georgia, USA.

Downsize and Upgrade: After living in apartments for a few years and trying decide where to live, finally had a house built in Reunion, 18 Aug 2002, Hoschton, Hall, Georgia, USA.

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